4 Writing Rules

I know there are no real rules to writing. But, more often than not, I follow the ones below.

  • Be concise. Time is too precious to waste any of it not getting to the point.
  • Be consistent. Because nothing’s worse than inconsistency.
  • Be precise. I hate ambiguity almost as much as I hate ads.
  • Be right. I lied. Nothing’s worse than being wrong.

When you know the rules, even and especially the ones you impose on yourself, you’re more than allowed to break them too.

17 thoughts on “4 Writing Rules

  1. Herminia my stories are starting to break the barriers of writing as we know it. Check out how far our blog has come at Gastradamus and be sure to share your incredible thoughts on eaten an Eskimo


  2. Hey friend! It’s been a while.
    I struggle most with being concise. Le sigh. At least I know my weakness. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that, but I’m sure trying. Hope you’re doing well!


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