Not Studying Grammar

It hasn’t hit me yet that I have a 3 hour grammar test tomorrow.

I had every intention to study. But I haven’t.

I was going to read a book about grammar. I didn’t open it.

Then again, I figure reading general books that have nothing to do with grammar will expose me to good sentence construction.

I’ve also been trying to convince myself that my grasp of grammar isn’t too shabby. I’m a writer, after all. How bad can my grammar be?

22 thoughts on “Not Studying Grammar

  1. So, here it is St. Patrick’s Day…how did you do? Did you get it back yet? What course was it for? Three hours! I once took a three hour course in transformational grammar (a fad back in the early 70’s to be like the “New Math;” it was supposed to be the “New English.”) It was popular for about three years, then it fell flat on its face and we went back to descriptive or traditional grammar. The idea went something like this: Instead of “a noun is a person, place, or thing,” it would say, “A noun is probably a noun if it forms its plural by adding “s” or “es” and “If you can put the words “the” or “a” in front of it, it probably is a noun,” etc. It was based on structure or “form” rather than “function” like traditional. It was interesting, but didn’t always work! Just a little note from the past…


    1. I think I did well. I’ll probably get it back next week or the week after. The course is called Foundations of Written Discourse. Before seeing the test, I thought three hours was more than enough time. But I almost stayed until the end. Unfortunately, right after I had to rush off to another class across campus. Oh, that’s different. I can see why. There are exceptions and times when those concepts aren’t applicable. I feel like they work better as tricks to see if a word is indeed a noun.

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      1. Your Foundations is like our Composition and Rhetoric in undergrad school (which I taught back in the 90’s) and Principles of Composition (which I taught at the university in the latter part of the 90’s and 2000). All of this was before you were born, probably. Ha!


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