Personal Reflection

You Are Not

You are not a number on the scale.

You aren’t a grade, a GPA.

You are not how much you make.

You aren’t the number of books you’ve read or the number of articles you’ve published.

You are not the friends you have on Facebook or the followers you gained on Twitter or the likes you get on Instagram.

You aren’t the views on your blog, the subscribers on your channel.

You are not any of these things.

You are so much more.

8 thoughts on “You Are Not

  1. This is indeed a great poem/post/thought. It is also soooo important for young people to hear. We, back in the day, didn’t know we could be powerful, especially girls. I am so happy for all of you that you have so many more options and choices than those we were limited to in the 1950s and ’60s.


    1. Thanks so much. Ah, I’m not even sure what to call this post. Just something I needed to write for myself mostly. I can only imagine. I’m grateful that things have changed and now there more choices available. Hopefully the world continues to change for the better.

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