Writing Q & A | Camp NaNoWriMo Edition

Enjoy yourself as I answer questions about writing during the wonderful time that is Camp NaNoWriMo.

What are you writing?

A baseball story. I like to think it’s a good one. Then again, what do I know? 

When do you write?

Usually at night before I sleep. Partly because I used to have classes in the morning and afternoon. Mostly because no one interrupts me then.

Where do you write?

My bedroom. Sometimes in bed. Other times standing over my vanity. I’m lazy and short, so it works out.

How do you write?

One day, long ago, I started using pen. I never went back to pencil.

What’s your Camp NaNoWriMo goal?

Write every day, which I already do unless something insane or stupid happens. Like the one time I fell asleep before I wrote. That’s an example of a stupid thing. 

My main goal is to write and finish a first draft for what will eventually be a novel or novella, depending on how long my story runs. I’m hoping to address a problem that’s plagued me for years. It’s called I tend to start but not follow through and finish things.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about my Camp NaNo writing experience, feel free to ask away.

2 thoughts on “Writing Q & A | Camp NaNoWriMo Edition

  1. I rarely use pencil now, too. 😉
    These are fun questions. I do my writing very early in the morning because I’m more awake at that time, lol.


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