Motivation To Get You Through Camp NaNoWriMo

You’re halfway through. You’re 50 percent done.

You can do this.

Don’t give in. Don’t give up.

You’re a writer after all.

You have to persist and persevere.

Keep going.

Stay strong.

Finish your story. Finish what you start.

Think about how good you’ll feel after the fact. 

You’re allowed to slump. You’re allowed to slow down.

But you shouldn’t quit. You shouldn’t abandon the story you’re telling. It’s your story.

Whatever you’re writing, whatever you’re working on, finish it. 

That story won’t write itself.

Sit down and start. Get up when you finish.

Would you ever start telling your friend a story and then stop halfway through? Leave them hanging? Not tell them the ending?

Then why in the world would you do the same with your written stories?

Stop making excuses. And start writing. Start finishing. Just start.

It might be the worst thing you’ve ever written. But it’s still better than everything you’ve never written.

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