Why I Blog Every Day

Or try to anyway.

I started blogging when I was fifteen years old. For some reason, I thought it’d be a good idea to publish a post every day. Four years later, I still aim to post something, a poem, a story, etc., within a twenty-four hour time frame.

I’m glad I push myself to do so. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t blog much at all. I’d blog when I felt like it, when I had free time. Instead I blog even when I don’t want to, even when I have to make time for it.

Often before I sit down and blog, I’m not inspired or motivated. So part of the challenge is overcoming that. Why wait for inspiration or motivation anyway?

The more I blog, the more satisfying it is. Hence I try to blog as often as I can. Every day works for me.

Before I became a blogger, I had a tendency to work towards perfection. I still do to an extent. But being a blogger has made me realize I don’t have to be perfect.

Blogging is not about perfection so much as it is about getting my ideas down and working through them.

8 thoughts on “Why I Blog Every Day

  1. I remember when I first started blogging… I didn’t blog every day, lol. I didn’t start that until two years after I had my blog. The consistency helps you makes more friends, though. 🙂


      1. I wanted to build a better platform and have more consistency for my readers. Plus it got me in a writing routine and holds me accountable for my goals.


  2. I wish I COULD blog every day! My teaching duties and just life gets in the way. However, blogging when I feel like it works for me, and it is often two or three times a week, depending on what else is going on in my life. I am just not as dedicated as you two girls are!


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