Books Of The Month | April 2017

I wonder if I wrote more words or read more this month. Either way here’s how my April unfolded.

What I Finished:

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

One phrase description:

It gets better.


“We need hope, or else we cannot endure.”

My general thoughts:

I technically finished this in March a couple days after I published my book blog post. I think that’s a testament to how much I enjoyed ACOFTAR, especially the ending. It took me a few chapters to get acquainted with the new world and characters. I’m so used to the Throne of Glass books, and so I found myself comparing this novel to her other works. Personally I like her writing. It’s descriptive enough for me to get a sense of the world but not too descriptive that I get impatient, wishing something would happen already.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

One phrase description:

It got faster.


“Sometimes justice was all about the small victories.”

My general thoughts:

I found it hard to get into at first. I needed some time to adjust to the world and all the characters. But the story picked up its pace. I was a bit confused at the beginning. Thankfully things made more sense as the novel went on.

Last Man Standing by David Baldacci

One phrase description:

It got crazier.


“At some point you have to live your life the way you want to.”

My general thoughts:

I had a great time with this novel. I didn’t see many of the twists and turns coming. It had a good amount of action, mystery, and suspsense. I liked that the main character, Web, has many issues. He works through some of them throughout the novel. It made for a more realistic story.

What I’m Currently Reading:

Symbol of Treason by Natalya Orekhov

First impressions:

Aside from some formatting and grammatical errors, the writing isn’t that bad. Most of the characters seem to have their demons and a less than ideal past. It’d be interesting to see how they deal with their problems.

What I Want To Read Next Month:

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong


I had the hardest time deciding what to read next. I’m going with this one because why not. 

Next month I hope to start reviewing books individually. I’m announcing this on here because online accountability has worked in the past. Don’t fail me in the future.

Happy reading in May!

As per usual, the above are affiliate links, and they take you to Book Depository where you can buy until your big heart is content.

4 thoughts on “Books Of The Month | April 2017

  1. You girls have been so busy writing, I’m amazed you had time to read anything. I have been finishing up the semester, so I’ve read less than usual as well. If I were just to finish up the several books I’ve started, I’d have an impressive list, but I am always tempted to start something new. I need to do my OWN little readathon.


    1. Mhm, reading took a backseat in April. Well done on finishing another semester. I hope you get a chance to read more over the summer. Haha, I know what you mean. Readathons are the best.

      Liked by 1 person

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