What To Do After Camp NaNoWriMo

What in the world do you do after Camp NaNoWriMo?

I have some ideas.


You just wrote 50,000 words. (Or more. Or less. Point being you put pen to paper. You did, didn’t you?) So why not write some more? Of course, it’s a good idea to work on other stories and projects. But if your Camp novel is still incomplete, there’s no law prohibiting you from finishing it in May. Write whatever you want, OK?


Writing a lot in April can help kick-start a good editing streak. Personally I try to avoid editing anything right after writing it. But if you’re so inclined to edit your Camp story, go for it. That said you have nothing to lose if you take a few days, weeks, or months away from your first draft. During that time, you can focus on editing older manuscripts you have lying around. But don’t let anyone, myself included, tell you how or when to edit. It’s your life. Edit on your own terms.


Trying to read 250,000 words and write 50,000 in the same month is tough. May can be a great time to catch-up. Readathon, anyone?


Guess who didn’t comment on many blogs in April? You’re right if you guessed me. I hope to be a better blogger in every respect this month. Create better content. Comment more frequently. Join me.

Bottom line: do whatever you want in May…within reason. You survived Camp after all. Might as well keep the productivity going.

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