What You Should Know About Blogging

It’s not for everyone. If it was then everyone would be a blogger.

People quit. When you want to quit, remember why you started. Why you made a blog in the first place.

It’s tempting to start a project and abandon it. Creative individuals have tons of ideas and not enough time to pursue them all. Try to finish what you start. Finish your poems and stories. Finish your blog posts.

Bloggers have goals. Hold onto yours. Make goals. Meet them.

Everyone starts with a fire inside. Keep it alive. Make sure the flames burn brighter and hotter with each passing day.

    Some days you’ll hate being a blogger. Wonder why you even started a blog. Question your entire existence. Other days you’ll love every second of it.

    Bad days happen.

    Blogging isn’t easy. But anything worth doing never is. It’s hard. It’s challenging. 

    It hurts.

    Very bad days happen too.

    All your work is worth it. Hard work pays off. Not always immediately but eventually.

    Pay your dues. And people might start paying you. But don’t blog solely for the money. If you’re looking to get rich quickly and easily, look elsewhere. There are millions of other ways to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

    Life happens. Forgive yourself. Don’t forget about yourself. Your beliefs and values.

    Also, blog posts don’t write themselves.

    4 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Blogging

    1. I am always reminded (like in this post) how much I can learn from you. How long have you been blogging? I’ve been “at it” for a year and two months, but I can’t imagine stopping now. I envy you starting to blog at such a young age. Sometimes it takes we “seniors” a while to catch on to the “good things.”


      1. I feel as though I’ve learned and am still learning so much from you. I started my blog in 2013 when I was 15 years old. Aw, I’m glad to hear you can’t imagine stopping. Neither can I. At least you caught on. Keep blogging. I look forward to reading your posts.


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