Symbol of Treason – Natalya Orekhov | A Book Review

Symbol of Treason - Natalya Orekhov

Title: Symbol of Treason

Author: Natalya Orekhov

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About the book: It’s a self-published book with mature themes. Allison Red’s goal is to leave behind the life she escaped, and she starts over in Colorado. She meets Logan Snow who seems to have it all, but all he cares about is revenge. I received a copy of it from a Goodreads giveaway that sends copies of new books to readers.

First impressions: I didn’t know what to expect. But the blurb on the back seemed interesting enough. I started reading and found the story surprisingly easy to get into. The book opens with a glimpse into the main character’s unfortunate upbringing.

Summary: A girl with a terrible past meets a guy with a different but also terrible past. They fall in love almost immediately. But people want her dead.

Characters: I’m not the biggest fan of either character. I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them. I liked Nadia who now goes by Alice because people want her dead until she fell in love with Logan, which happened super early and super quickly. Then she becomes a different person entirely. Logan became less likeable the more dominant and controlling he grew.


You deserve happiness, this world owes you that much.

Writing: The book contains lots of spelling and formatting errors. The dialogue wasn’t realistic to me. It was formal, professional. Even poetic at times. Logan speaks like a romantic poet in love. It felt hard to follow at times. One character would speak and then the next sentence is a different character doing something. So it was confusing and unclear. The book more like a romantic novel than conversations between people in real life.

Final thoughts: Overlooking the errors, it’s not that bad of a book. I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t enjoy romantic scenes or heavy themes.

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7 thoughts on “Symbol of Treason – Natalya Orekhov | A Book Review

  1. Symbol of Treason is Alice’s story. Her past, present, and future all coming to a head leaving her in a tailspin. This debut novel comes out swinging with a powerful prologue that really sets the tone for all of the demons Alice faces at every turn.


  2. Great review! Though this doesn’t sound like something that would interest me… Also, good for you for getting it through a Goodreads giveaway. I can’t explain how many of those I’ve entered and have yet to win one, lol.


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