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Surrenders Hope | A Poem

I freeze

Feel my heart beat

Always been the passenger

Watching or observing

Never the driver

I can’t get in

I don’t know what it’s like

To get behind the wheel

Be in complete control

Step on the gas

Press down on the brake

Maneuver around obstacles in my way

Every time I imagine how it’ll go

I think of the worst possible scenario

I can’t help myself

My mind loses control

And surrenders hope


18 thoughts on “Surrenders Hope | A Poem

      1. I don’t blame you. But it’s really not that bad. You just have to wait until you’re ready. I didn’t get mine until 19.


  1. Learning to drive was a chore for me. My Dad tried to teach me on a a ’55 Bellaire Chevrolet . He had no patience and was livid every time I jerked the car because I couldn’t control the clutch (standard shift, not automatic). He threw up his hands and a couple of neighbor boys and I went in one of their cars over to a deserted maze of roads in a former housing base for wartime quarters and I learned like a natural. I thought…When I turned 16, I was expected to get a job, so the day after I turned 16, I went to the DMV and failed miserably the first try on the road test (I’d gotten a 100% on the written test). The officer even made me walk back from where he had me stop the car–how humiliating. I went back the next day and did better (a lady officer), but couldn’t parallel park, so I went back the third day in a row and I guess they were sick of my face; they passed me. I am a good driver, but I get nervous when my husband rides in a car I’m driving. He’s completely kind and non-judgmental–It’s all on me–but I am a nervous wreck! I have no problem with female friends–maybe I was scarred as a sixteen year old. LOL


    1. Aw no.. It’s going to be a chore for me too. For some reason I’m terrified of driving. I wish you could teach me. I feel like you’d be so patient. Ah, third time’s the charm. I can understand that. At least you aren’t a scared sixteen year old anymore. Thanks for sharing your story. It makes me feel a bit better.


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