A Q&A About Blogging

I answer questions about my personal blogging process. Feel free to do the same.

What do you blog about?

I get asked this all the time, and I never have a good answer ready. I blog about writing and blogging and reading. How meta of me.

When do you blog?

I make blog graphics in the morning, and I usually write and edit posts in the evening or at night. I don’t stray too far from my routine unless I have a good reason too. Aren’t we all creatures of habit?

Where do you blog?

Most often in my bedroom or in the living room. But I’ve worked on my blogs in many places. Buses, classrooms, restaurants, etc. You name a location, I’ve probably worked on a blog post there.

How do you blog?

I blog on my phone a lot more than I used to. But I’ve done plenty of blogging on my computer as well. Occasionally I’ll write drafts of my posts out by hand and type them up later.

Why do you blog?

This is the million dollar question. I blog for a lot of reasons. I love blogging. I enjoy the process very much. I want to get better and improve as a blogger. Four years later, I’m still learning so much every single day. Blogging helps me discover more about myself. It’s fun and challenging. I like interacting with other bloggers. I could keep going.

Happy blogging!

3 thoughts on “A Q&A About Blogging

  1. I’ve written blog posts in various places as well. I do more on the computer than I do on the app, but I have written posts on the app before. I use the app more so for answering comments and such while I’m at work or can’t get to a computer.


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