A Writerly Would You Rather

Would you rather spend the next few minutes of your precious life writing a story or reading this blog post? Don’t answer that.

Would you rather write one bestseller or ten mediocre books?

While I would want to write a bestseller, I’d probably end up writing mediocre stuff that no one in their right mind should spend their hard-earned money on. I’m in a self-depreciating mood. Let me be.

Would you rather always have to outline or never outline your stories?

Never outline anything. Ever. Never ever. Having to outline everything would make me lose what’s left of my sanity.

Would you rather write all your novels in chronological order or in random fashion?

Random would be fun, but I tend to write my stories chronologically.

Would you rather write only with black/blue ink or have to write with other colours?

Black or blue, the latter preferably. I don’t have to read tiny words written in neon yellow to know my eyesight is bad. 

Would you rather have nice handwriting but write slowly or messy handwriting but write quickly?

Messy and quickly. My hand can’t keep up with my brain as it stands, so I’ll sacrifice neatness for speed any day of the week.

Would you rather have to use your real name or a pen name beside every piece you publish?

If my real name is going to appear beside something, you can be sure I’m proud of that something.

Would you rather write to music or write to silence all the time?

When I’m handwriting, I prefer silence. When I’m typing on the computer, I like listening to music. I guess I’d write to very soft music then.

Would you rather be a rich writer or a famous one?

Pretending I could and had to pick one, I’d go with being rich because I don’t think I could handle fame. I doubt I’d handle fortune very well either. But with the money, I could hire someone to manage my finances. Maybe even my life as well.

You could’ve written a lot of words in the time it took you to read this post. Thanks for reading. 

Feel free to answer the above questions in your head, on paper, or somewhere else entirely.

7 thoughts on “A Writerly Would You Rather

  1. Ten mediocre books, always outline, in order, pretty colors (because why not?), quick and messy (that’s how I write already), real name (I want people to know who I am), music (instrumental), and rich (I’m tired of having to balance a day job and writing, lol.)
    Great post and questions!


  2. I liked this post and want to participate (Perhaps more than you’d like me to, Ha ha). I don’t know if I’d like to write 1 bestseller or 10 mediocre books, but I’d like to get that one novel everyone has in them out. I would need at least a list of some kind, but not a rigid outline to keep everything straight as I wrote. As far as chronological order or random order (maybe referring to flashbacks, etc.), I’d like to be so versatile as a writer that I could do both, varying the style from book to book as I wrote. I prefer black ink, period. I’m like you messy and fast, even with typing–lots of errors but through in a flash. I have a pen name picked out, Rachel Long, a variation of my own nam; please don’t tell me it’s taken, even if it is! I write in silence. I would not like to be rich OR famous, just well read and well appreciated by a few readers. All that said, none of it is going to happen because I am never going to write a novel or any kind of book. Blogging is enough for one “of my advanced years”. I do not have the passion or stamina or interest to get the novel I have in mind down on paper in my lifetime. I am not devoted to writing the novel enough to accomplish it!


    1. I’m more than happy to hear that. Yep. I hope you tell your story. A brief outline then. That’s understandable. Ah, I see. Nice name. Mhm. I was about to ask why not. At least you’re blogging and sharing a little bit of yourself with the world. Keep going!


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