Blogging Advice I Don’t Follow

I know I spew a lot of advice on this blog. But I don’t always follow my own preaching. So how do you expect me to follow someone else’s blogging tips?

Below I share what some bloggers say you should do, why I don’t do so, and how I justify being such a rebel.

Have an email list.

I don’t care to build one.

First, if I don’t care to do something, I won’t do it, much less to the extent I should. Second, selling or promoting something isn’t my goal as a blogger. Third, no one deserves to be spammed with useless emails from yours truly.

Have approximately 15 tags per post.

I can’t count. 

For the record, I’m a dancer. I only need to count to 8. Also, I swear I saw someone, somewhere say to include around 15 tags per post. Not 1. Not 50. About 15 give or take. Surprise: I’ve published posts with only 3 tags and some with way too many. I put very little thought into tagging like I do with many things.

Have an introduction and conclusion.

I’m lazy.

Sometimes I’m too lazy to come up with an introduction. And those rare times I’m not, my willpower to write a conclusion is non-existent at the end of my blogging session. This post is no exception.

9 thoughts on “Blogging Advice I Don’t Follow

  1. I pretty much agree with you in all of this. I do have an email list because I do hope to sell my published books someday. But it’s hard and I’m still trying to figure out how it works and how to go about it.
    According to WordPress, you should have no more than nine tags in order to be featured on Freshly Pressed. Still, some posts of mine have 9 or under tags and some posts have ways over 9 tags. Who’s counting?
    You don’t always need an intro and conclusion. Everyone has their own writing style and I think yours is fabulous. 😉


    1. I like your newsletter. It’s one of the few I subscribe to. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.
      Oh, I didn’t know that. At least now I do. Thanks to you. Haha exactly. Does anyone count?
      That’s true too. They aren’t always necessary depending on the post. Thanks and likewise!


      1. Thank you, that’s good to hear!
        Someone used to… When I first started my blog I had no idea how the tags worked, I just knew that was how people found my blog. So I tried to put as many tags as possible. (Like, I would have 30 tags for one post, lol.) And I remember someone commented saying, “It amazes me how many tags you can squeeze into one post.” He said it jokingly, but that’s when I decided to look it up. 🙂


      2. Ahaha. Is there even a limit to the number of tags you can have for one post? I know I added a lot for some of my older ones way back in the day. Oops. I should probably look into tagging. Then again, old habits are hard to break.


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