Creative Writing

Glass House | A Short Story

You’re goals. You’re perfect for each other. You guys are so cute.

That was all anyone ever said about our relationship.

I don’t understand how no one saw the truth, saw through his facade.

We lived together for two years. The house was made of bricks, but sometimes I wish the walls were made of glass, so people could see through it. And find out what really happened behind closed doors.

We weren’t cute. We weren’t goals. We weren’t perfect.

Our outings became less and less frequent before they stopped happening altogether.

12 thoughts on “Glass House | A Short Story

  1. Phew. Two years can seem like forever when they’re happening. Thankfully, it turned into a short story. In my opinion, you’re a stronger woman for it! 🙂


  2. Stories are such a powerful medium to connect and communicate our ideas, and telling short stories is an art and the art is acquiring new avatar with the rapidly evolving digital space. The title “Glass House” speaks it all, and brevity and beauty is the essence of the art of story telling…


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