Describe Your Dream Library And Reading Space

Growing up, I fell in love with every aspect of interior design. Before I wanted to be a writer, I wished to work in real estate, preferably as a designer or stager of homes. So I couldn’t wait to buy my own house and decorate it however I wanted. I knew my dream home would include a library or some sort of reading space. More importantly, I would design that room to represent who I am, so it could serve as the perfect place to read and escape from the real world.

Recently, I was inspired by Arhaus to create a post showing my dream reading space and library. They design home furnishings as well as other products. I drew some inspiration from their website. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas.

Afterwards, I decided to make a few collages of some things I would like to have in my ideal room. Enjoy!

My dream library and reading space would include:

  • Pendant lighting
    • Although I prefer reading in natural light, good artificial lighting is a must. I can’t read if I can’t see.
  • A coffee table
    • I don’t drink coffee, but I’d like to have a place for my glass of water. Better yet I’d leave snacks lying around. That way I wouldn’t have to leave my reading room for hours.
  • Bookshelves
    • I’ve always wanted floor to ceiling shelves full of books. Even then I’m not sure I’ll have enough space.
  • An armchair
    • As much as I like the idea of reading while standing up, my laziness will inevitably kick in. I need a nice seat because finding a comfortable reading position is already enough of struggle on its own.

For more inspiration, try browsing the pendant lighting and dining room tables page.

  • A pretty view
    • For some reason I really like the idea of looking out a bay window to see a beautiful view of the city.

How do you envision your ideal library or dream reading space?

8 thoughts on “Describe Your Dream Library And Reading Space

  1. My whole home is my Dream Library. There are baskets or at least piles of books in both bedrooms and the living room. During the school semester, the formal dining room also serves as a place to lay out paper piles, textbooks, supplementary books, etc. The kitchen has recipe books in a hide-away drawer and a “holder” made from a clothespin mounted on a stand to hold for easy reading, recipes. The study includes a TBR closet as well as a wall of bookshelves and two desks, one built in, which are often piled with books to be looked at, categories, filed away, loaned out or delivered to someone who wants them. The sunroom has a huge basket of books to go to my LFL in the side yard along with stuffed animals to lure in reluctant readers. Two huge totes in the closet fill up with books to return to Half-Price books in exchange for buying more books to read ourselves, loan to friends, and put out in the Little Free Library to borrow or take for one’s own. My house is literally a bibliotecca, (spelling?) a “house of the books”, and I am known as the neighborhood “Book Lady” to the kids and humorously the “Book Pusher” to adults and young adults.


    1. That’s awesome. I can just imagine your home full to the brim with books. Even then a reader can never have too many. There’s nothing better than going from room to room and seeing books everywhere you go. I think they belong in every room. And what better than having titles scattered around not just for decoration but also function. They look good. And you can read them. Or reference a recipe. It’s like you own a house library. Haha. Good for you. And I’m sure the members of your neighbourhood don’t mind.

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  2. Oh, this is awesome. You know, I started getting into interior design and such after playing The Sims, lol. Kris and I joke around that we’re going to build a ginormous blueprint on The Sims, print it out, and give it to our friend’s husband (who’s an architect) and just have him build us our dream home. 🙂
    I would love to have a huge library in my house. That would be awesome.


    1. Haha. I think I need to do the same thing. I’d love for someone to build my dream home. All I really want is a library. And I would invite you over.


  3. Great post, Herminia! Funny how our reading spaces–whether they’re what would dream of having or not–reflect something about us. I always have a coaster at hand (for tea or a glass of water), a box of Kleenex (in case I get weepy), good lighting (for my old eyes), and a chair with a footstool covered by a soft pillow for my legs and a warm throw hanging over the back for chilly shoulder days! Oh…and upstairs, a pencil and something to jot on should I need them!


    1. Thank you. I think so too. The books we read and the places we read them reflect who we are. That sounds like the perfect reading setup. You have all the essentials. A pen or pencil with paper nearby is always handy to have around.

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