How Has Writing Changed Your Life?

Without a shadow of a doubt, writing has changed my life in incredible ways. 

I’m about to attempt to explain how much impact writing had on my life. And continues to have. I’m not sure how sappy or sentimental this post will be. You’ve been warned. 

Writing gave me hope. Hope for a better future. Hope for something more, something greater. 

I know life doesn’t always treat us kindly. But we fall down and somehow manage to get up. We carry on. We cope.

Putting pen to paper helped me cope. It was an escape. I could get away from the real world temporarily. Sometimes human beings just need a respite from life, however brief. 

I looked forward to writing. I still do.

I felt excited thinking about fictional characters and imaginary people. It got me through the day.

Writing made me dream.

And wish.

I dreamt about people I didn’t know.

And wished I could tell their story, do justice to it.

Telling stories put things into perspective for me.

Getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper made me step back from the situation to look at it from other angles. The act of creating a character me consider other people’s perspectives.

Writing changed my life. For the better.

So now I pose this question for you to ponder: how has writing changed your life?

11 thoughts on “How Has Writing Changed Your Life?

  1. Writing has changed my life in ways I could never imagine. I never thought I would be doing what I’m doing now. Keep up the great work, Herminia!


  2. I’d say writing gave me a life. Actually two lives–one public and one private. I like ‘talking’ things out to myself when I write.

    I admire anyone who takes on fictional writing. It requires imaginative concentration on things that are possible in real life. I think my best insights into human character came when I read student papers, gave written feedback and then listened to them talk about themselves and how they see the world. People are incredibly interesting, aren’t we? 🙂


    1. Oh, I can see that. I’m the same way.

      The more I write, the more respect I have for other writers. Agreed. People are a complex species. It’s fascinating to read other people’s stories and see how their life has shaped them.

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      1. Your life has a story in it, too — which you’ll one day, I hope, be writing about. When you’re ready….not a moment sooner! 🙂


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