Creative Writing

World Works Out | A Poem

Life can be good

But sometimes it’s not

So I’ll fall back

Take a chance on myself

I mean to follow through

Can’t lost faith now

Not when I have a window of opportunity

It’s going to be okay

The world works out

This game called life

Takes care of itself

So long as I continue

To care for what matters

That includes my health

8 thoughts on “World Works Out | A Poem

  1. You are so right. Things do have a way of working out for the best if we just let them work out on their own and not try to force our desires, wants and wishes on what is and what is to be. In the Bible it says (paraphrase) All things work out for them that love the Lord, according to His purpose. Sometimes I forget that He wants (and knows) what is best for me and what is good for me, and try to push through what I want. It is very hard for me to “surrender control.” LOL


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