Tips For Writing The First Draft

First drafts suck. But they have to exist in order to be bad. Still, a terrible first draft is better than a non-existent one any day of the week.

Here are my tips for tackling them.

  • Come up with a plan.
  • Know your purpose.
  • Prioritize your writing time.
  • Write first.
  • Edit later.
  • Silence your inner editor.
  • Make and meet deadlines.
  • Set goals, especially small ones.
  • Take enough breaks.
  • Have incentives.
  • Treat yourself to rewards. 
  • Rest, relax, recharge.
  • Continue to live your life.
  • Surround yourself with support.

Go forth and write that messy first draft. You can always make it better after you finish telling your initial story. 

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