Why I Have A Hard Time Sharing My Creative Writing

Sharing my creative writing with others is a challenge to say the least.

The other day I was trying to pick a story to send to two strangers for their feedback. I had the hardest time emailing a copy of my work to them.

There's something personal about openly sharing your stories with someone else. To an extent, some of my blog posts are personal, and I don't have a problem posting those for the world to see. With creative writing however, I feel as though I'm exposing more of myself.

As I've said, these two are strangers. I think I'd be more comfortable with sharing if I knew them longer, trusted them more. I'm sure they're wonderful human beings. It's still tough to open up and feel vulnerable in front of people you hardly know.

If I had a penny for every times I've said I wanted to get better, I'd be one wealthy woman. Even though I do hope to improve, I'm not the best at asking for feedback. Ditto for applying any feedback I receive.

I'm stubborn. Worse, I have a gigantic ego that loves to get in the way. On a good day, I'm able to shove it aside for the sake of my art.

Every time I've put my art first before my ego, the former benefits greatly.

I say the following not to brag, but to make it clear that I had a different, unusual path when I started out as a writer and blogger. I found success early on in both endeavours. In some ways, I was even more successful a few years ago than I have been recently.

So, for many reasons, my ego was inflated in high school. A part of me thought I always knew what was best, what was right.

Of course, that's not always the case.

Over time, my ego has taken a good beating.

I'm at a point now where I feel confident, not cocky in my abilities. After all, I've come a long way, but I still have plenty of room for improvement.

I can identify strengths and weaknesses in my own work. But having an outside perspective point out certain problems can make all the difference.

What I want to say ultimately boils down to these points:

Sharing your writing with strangers isn't easy. It can be a vulnerable experience. That's okay, though. So long as you don't let your ego stop you from improving your art in every way possible. And sometimes the best thing you can do is to put your ego aside and listen to others.

I think I've reaffirmed what I knew all along. Egos suck.

10 thoughts on “Why I Have A Hard Time Sharing My Creative Writing

  1. It’s definitely not easy. That’s why I think joining a critique group was one of the best things I ever did. It certainly helped get me past that anxiety. The first few meetings were tough and sometimes now I still get nervous and such, but it’s all part of being a writer. And you just have to remember that if someone is willing to read your work it means they believe in you and they want to help you become a better writer. And my workshop host says that if you take away 30% of the feedback you get, that’s excellent. Because ultimately it’s your story, you know your characters best, you know how to weave in that plot twist at the end. Everyone else is giving you suggestions based on how they would do things. If you agree with them, that’s cool. If not, then that’s okay too because it’s your story.


    1. Well said! I’m glad to hear it. I’d be a nervous wreck the first few times as well. Mmm true. Writers helping writers is a wonderful thing. I think the host is onto something. Haha. We’re the writers of our stories at the end of the day. Thanks for this. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. You’ve come a long way, baby! Truly. I think you’re on a good path and that you already have what it takes. Once you get used to listening to feedback and making up your own mind whether to follow it or not (as Rachel points out), you’re going to soar! In your way and in your own time. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Sharing becomes easier after the first few times. I recently shared a “piece” I’d written with my students and instead of making fun of me or asking what business I had teaching writing when I couldn’t write well myself, they really enjoyed it and were complimentary. I think sometimes we don’t give our readers the credit they deserve. We are afraid they won’t give us a chance, when we aren’t giving them a chance to respond positively.


  4. A very interesting article. I guess I can honestly say I have almost no ego, and can always understand the feedbacks value. But maybe that just means I have a lot of improvement to go ๐Ÿ˜‰ that doesn’t mean I always act on the feedback, but I do understand the reason they made the point. Sharing your work is never easy, ego or not. We all want glowing praise, but we learn the most from the other kind. I found it easier to share with strangers than loved ones. Over time and more sharing both have become easier. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you. That’s awesome. I guess we all have areas we can work on. Every writer is at a different stage in their journey after all. Mhm, well said. Constructive feedback helps the most. Oh, I like to think so. Thanks for your insights. ๐Ÿ™‚

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