How To Make Writing (More) Fun

Admit it, writing isn't always fun and easy. Unless you aren't human in which case maybe you beg to differ.

Sometimes you just have to make putting pen on paper more enjoyable.

This is what I recommend:

Play music.

I like typing with noise in the background more than silence. So it's a no brainer for me. I almost always play some of my favourite tunes while smashing keys on the computer.

Reward yourself.

Schedule something fun to do like hanging out with friends or going to the beach. That way, you have an incentive to write and work while still making time to play. Win win.

Change location.

If you're bored and stuck, try moving to a coffee shop you haven't been to or a library on the other side of town. If that isn't feasible, go to another room in your house you don't typically write in. It might be enough to get your creative juices flowing again.

Set challenges.

Maybe because I'm a competitive person by nature, I tend to perform better when I feel challenged by something or even someone. Which brings me to my next point…

Find writers.

Look for individuals who motivate and inspire you. Seek them out. There are wonderful human beings on this planet who want to help you and see you succeed. Never let those ones go. Besides, writing with others is an experience every writer needs to experience.

Take breaks.

I don't care who you are, writing is not fun when you're burnt out. Working for hours at a time over an extended period of time isn't the best idea then. So rest and relax. Don't you dare guilt trip yourself for not writing every second of every day. You're human after all.

Edit later.

Writing is fun until editing comes along and ruins the creative party. Buzzkill, much? Revisions can wait. Fun does not.

That's all the suggestions I have for making writing more fun. Let me know what you do down in the comments below.

Happy writing and having fun!

8 thoughts on “How To Make Writing (More) Fun

  1. Great comments, Herminia! I can relate to all of them except the loud music! When the music plays, my heart gets distracted….nicely, but distracted!

    I try to write every morning without fail–whether it sees the light of day or not.

    I also make a few (very few) comments in a personal journal at night (about how I’m feeling or what I’ve been thinking about).

    I’d also add this (as one of my guidelines): Write ‘cold’ without correcting or rethinking anything. Drafts are exactly that. You never know what creative ideas might pop into your mind as you review them. Also, don’t delete them unless you’ve mined them for all they’re worth and are tired of having them hang around.

    And one thing I’ve just started to do. I keep a scribble pad upstairs and downstairs. I never know when I’ll get an idea–whether it survives or not isn’t the issue. I just don’t want to lose those little gems that, unbidden, pop into my mind from time to time. Even phrases, or wonderful words I might use. Or not.

    Elouise 🙂


  2. very good advice. I “preach” these same suggestions to my writing students. So often it takes so little to take the fun our of writing and then it becomes not worth doing.


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