A Rant In Regards To Reading

This post may or may not be a rant depending on your definition, but it will be about reading.

I think it’s important to read what you want and to enjoy your reading experience. No, you might not love everything about a certain book, but try to find something you do like.

Even though I read as an escape from real life, reading for me is almost akin to living in a way. I get to live different lives through fictional characters.

Maybe I’m using reading as a metaphor or analogy for living. I’m not too sure. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not an English major.

I just hope readers don’t feel pressured to read what they don’t want to just because everyone else is. Case in point: Herminia and Harry Potter.

I also do my best to finish what I start, especially if I chose to buy the book with the thought I’ll enjoy the story. Or at least, enjoy some aspect of the work. Sometimes, it’s the writing. Other times, I’m a fan of the plot or I’m fond of the characters.

Besides, reading what you enjoy will always win out over the alternative of not enjoying yourself.

Am I ranting or rambling? I’m not even sure at this point. Now that I’m older and wiser, I hope going forward, I will decide what’s best for my interests. Not allow others to decide for me.

So go ahead, read what you want. If you realize you aren’t enjoying the book, read something else.

It’s perfectly fine to pick up another novel if you aren’t enjoying the one you’re on right now.

Reading, like life, is about timing. Perhaps you don’t appreciate a certain book at this exact moment. But maybe in the future, you will.

That might mean you’ll grow out of books. Stories you loved in the past might not have the same effect on you years later. This is okay.

After all, readers should read what their heart desires.

Live your life. Read the books you want. Have fun. Enjoy yourself while reading.

You don’t get that time back.

10 thoughts on “A Rant In Regards To Reading

  1. This post really resonated with me. Like youberote, we don’t get that time back.

    So, while I have trudged through 200 plus pages of Irving (I know a lot of people love his work but I’m not a fan) I have wanted to give up and open something new. But, I also like to finish what I’m reading for two reasons. A, the nook may take a turn for the better and b I just like to know how the story ends out of pure curiosity. It can be frustrating when you do read hundreds of pages and feel let down. Good post!


    1. I’m glad it did. Yeah, unfortunately we can’t buy more time.

      Oh, I haven’t read his works. But I know that feeling. Aw. I hear where you’re coming from. It’s tough when you’re torn between forcing yourself to finish a book you started and picking up something else to read. For sure. Those are reasons I can relate to as well. Curiosity drives me to finish stories. Sad but true. Thank you!

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  2. A lot of people take reading way too seriously. It’s important to writers and it’s important to avid readers, especially book reviewers, but there are some people who take the fun out of it for themselves. I love the Goodreads challenge, but I know a few people who’d rather read the most books over reading quality books that they love and enjoy.


  3. I loved this post 🙂 It is very true reading out of pure enjoyment is the best kind of reading. Since I started to take my writing more seriously I believe I read more widely. I also like stories for different reasons now: maybe before I would’ve said I liked a book, now I can say exactly why I liked it (characterisation, plot twists, subtle play on emotions etc). So now, as a writer and reader, I guess it is important to read what I enjoy still. It is easier to read for research only… but then I find I am enjoying more books now – so win win situation really. Also I cannot tell if this blog post is a rant or ramble either – but what I do know is I loved it 🙂


    1. I’m happy to hear that. Exactly. I did the same thing. I think it’s even more important for writers to read widely. Very true. Writing my own stories made me appreciate and understand books by other authors better. Haha. Thank you so much. Happy reading and writing!


  4. Like you may have felt at an early age, I think my sixth grade teacher impressed on me that one was morally obligated to finish a book she/he had started. I held and followed this notion for a long time, sometimes slogging through 800 page tomes. In my early married days, my husband and I were sitting and reading and I began to sigh and fidget over the boring book. He said to me that there were too many good books “out there” to waste time on one you didn’t like. Wise man. p.s. I AM a fan of Irving, having read almost everything he wrote. This was probably because I saw him read from “A Prayer for Owen Meany” early on in Houston. I know that his books are wacky and bizarre, but they are very funny and yet insightful on the human condition as well.


    1. Yeah, I still feel obligated to finish the novels I start. Oh wow. Mmm your husband is a wise man. There are too many great books out there. Not enough time to read them all unfortunately. Ah, that’s awesome. I’ve heard of his books. I’ll have to check him out one day. Thanks for sharing!


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