Personal Reflection

Staying Positive And Looking At The Bright Side

Life isn’t perfect. And sometimes things don’t work out perfectly.

But I’m going to be positive. I want to look at the bright side instead of focusing on all the things that went wrong today.

The world isn’t ideal. And sometimes we experience moments that aren’t the way we envisioned. But it’s okay. We find a way. Human beings do their best.

When I feel rushed, I make myself slow down. I try to take in life as much as I can. Stop and smell the roses so to speak. I like roses. Red is a pretty colour.

Besides, better late than never. But never late is better. Still, sometimes people need time to get where they need to go. And as long as we eventually get there, how long we take is less significant.

I know I’ll continue to make mistakes left, right, and center. Here’s hoping I learn from them and not repeat the same mistake again.

I’ve been reminding myself that life works out. Someday. Somehow. Someway. It does. Eventually.

Even though events don’t always pan out the way we intended, at least we tried. We did our best.

We’re humans. So we are going to be humans.

10 thoughts on “Staying Positive And Looking At The Bright Side

  1. Keeping a positive attitude becomes even more important as we age. A friend who had a brand new house and all new furniture lost it all up to the second floor in Hurricane Harvey flooding. She smiled and said, had I had the chance to design my own floor plan rather than the house I bought, I would have knocked out a couple of walls and opened up the rooms into a functional great room. Now that I must rip lout all the walls and strip out the insulation, working from the studs only, I can do just that! She also lost both vehicles. She has replaced one only with insurance from the original two, getting the car of her dreams.


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