The Whistler – John Grisham | A Book Review

The Whistler - John Grisham

Title: The Whistler

Author: John Grisham

Genre: Legal Thriller

About the book: It’s a series. There’s a prequel.

First impressions: I finally got around to reading one of Grisham’s novels. The first hundred pages or so seemed like a slow buildup with a lot of backstory. Fortunately, the pace picked up afterwards.

Summary: Someone blows the whistle on a judge. Lacy Stoltz and her team investigate. They eventually uncover the ugly truth.

Characters: I didn’t care for many of the characters even the good ones. I’m not sure why. I guess I would’ve liked more reason to cheer for someone.


“You just can’t trust anybody these days.”

Conflict: Bad guys versus good guys. There weren’t many surprises.

Writing: There was a lot more telling than showing in my opinion. Many events were stated or summarized. The dialogue was okay. Not super sharp but not dull either. I didn’t mind the descriptions.

Final thoughts: The ending ties many of the loose ends together. As I almost always do, I still have unanswered questions.

Even though I have an interest in law, the legal stuff didn’t engage me as much as I thought it would.

While the story was entertaining, it wasn’t thrilling. There was maybe one moment I didn’t see coming. But everything else follows the traditional arc of a typical thriller.

I didn’t love this particular novel, but I might still check out some of Grisham’s other works.

The Whistler didn’t meet my high expectation. It missed the mark overall. Nothing is bad but not really great either. That said, you might enjoy the story more than me.

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4 thoughts on “The Whistler – John Grisham | A Book Review

  1. Grisham is one of those authors that everyone loves, so there’s going to be high expectations for him if you’ve never read any of his books. I’ve only read Kid Lawyer by him and it’s a middle-grade novel. I’ve yet to read any of his adult works, though I plan to. My grandfather loves his work though.


    1. Yeah, I went in with such high expectations. Maybe that’s why I was somewhat disappointed. Oh neat. He’s written a ton of books. I’d love to know your thoughts when you get around to reading his adult stuff.


      1. Yeah, I look forward to reading his adult work. I actually though he did more telling than showing in the book I read, but I assumed it was because it was for a younger audience.


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