Personal Reflection

A Life Update You Didn’t Ask For

As I’m prone to do, I’ve been thinking a lot. Which is how this post of thoughts came to be.

I think I like the idea of making changes to this blog more than I like making change.

Obviously, my brain obsesses over blogging when I’m swamped with schoolwork. But maybe over the holidays, I’ll tinker with things.

Somehow, NaNo is in full swing. To be quite honest, I’m not trying to reach 50,000 words or any kind of a word count for that matter. Right now it’s enough to write every day even if the words are terrible.

I’m writing prose. I hope to start a novel and see the story through until the end. So far so good.

In a perfect world, I’d make writing my first priority. But I don’t live in a perfect world. It’s still a priority, just not my first or only.

My reasoning is when I’m eighty years old I won’t be able to dance to the extent I can now. I doubt my body will respond well to doing cartwheels then. Though I like to believe I’ll still be able to write when I’m an old lady.

For that reason, I’m trying to dance as much and as well as I can at this age.

Dance isn’t something I bring up much on this blog. I wonder if I should. There are definitely parallels I can draw between dancing and writing, blogging.

On another note, I’m quite pleased with my reading. Not so with my reviewing. I’m horribly behind in editing and posting book reviews.

I realize I’m better at keeping up with fictional novels than I am with non-fiction. Still, I try to read some non-fiction on the subway ride home, even though I don’t say so on Goodreads. I’m just more casual with my non-fiction reading.

Overall, I’m doing the best I can. That’s what matters to me.

I debated not bringing up school, but since I’m a full-time student, I figured I will. Despite all the assignments due this month and next, I’m managing. I haven’t failed anything. I like to believe I won’t.

If you’ve read this far, kudos to you. I hope you’re doing well. Wishing you the very best life has to offer. Take care. I want to see you around here.


6 thoughts on “A Life Update You Didn’t Ask For

  1. I think you’ll be able to dance your whole life. You seem fit and passionate enough about it that you’ll be that old lady who just busts a move at random times, lol.


  2. OK you guys, I’M the cool Grandma-type! Since I never had grandkids, I collected other people’s, so my grandchildren include the following: a thirty one year old PhD who came through my class at the university in 2007; two American-Chinese grandchildren who are children of a student who came through when her 10 year old girl was 5 weeks old, and the boy (8) was not even thought of yet; and two Latino grandkids who are 3 (boy)and almost 2,(girl) whom I borrowed from a friend. At least I have kids in my life! I think we are constantly redefining the concept of “family.” I do have some great nieces and nephews and a great-grand niece related by blood, but I never see any of them. Some I have never seen except as young, young children or in a picture (so far).


    1. That’s cool. You’re the coolest. They sound like such interesting people with cool backstories. Exactly. I’m happy we’re changing the status qui and refining family. Hmm maybe one day you’ll get a chance to see them. Keep being awesome.

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