The House on Foster Hill – Jamie Jo Wright | A Book Review

The House on Foster Hill - Jamie Jo Wright

Title: The House on Foster Hill

Author: Jamie Jo Wright

Genre: Romantic Suspense

About the book: It’s a debut novel about Kaine Prescott who purchases an old, abandoned house to get a fresh start. A century earlier, an unidentified woman is found dead on the property and Ivy Thorpe tries to discover her identity.

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First impressions: I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but it got more and more interesting. The beginning sets the stage for the novel to play out at a decent pace.

Summary: The book switches between the perspectives of Ivy and Kaine. Ivy tries to find out the identity of a dead woman. Kaine’s husband dies, so she moves away to start anew. Both women have pasts holding them back from living in the moment and enjoying what life has to offer.

Characters: Ivy works with Joel in the past while Kaine meets a man named Grant in the present. They’re similar in some ways but different enough to be distinct individuals. The women have flaws yet Kaine and Ivy do their best.


“Sometimes the only way you can silence the bad being done and protect the ones you love is to hold it all inside and never beathe a word.”

Conflict: The author tackles an important issue that isn’t talked about enough.

Writing: The writing is well done. I liked the contrast between the early 1900s and modern day. Wright does a good job with the different time periods. Even though I didn’t find the pacing too slow, it picks up at the end. Everything falls into place and unanswered questions are answered. In my opinion, I found some of the plot twists hard to predict, but they made sense nonetheless.

Final thoughts: A lot happens in the conclusion. I have a feeling this story will stick with me. For a variety of reasons, it’s a memorable read.

I’m pleasantly surprised at the fact that the book doesn’t have too many touchy-feely scenes. Wright strikes a nice balance. The storylines aren’t overwhelmed by romantic relationships.

The House On Foster Hill blends many different elements together for an interesting read.

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