Personal Reflection

My Personal And Professional Goals For 2018

If only I loved working towards my goals as much as I love making them.


I’m setting the bar low at 38 books in order to surpass my reading challenge on Goodreads. A girl deserves to feel good about herself.


I know I’m a turtle in getting my reviews up, but slow and steady wins the race, right? Call me book reviewer Herminia Chow.


Because I don’t do much else, I’m able to write every day. Here’s hoping I don’t get a boyfriend in 2018. Otherwise, there goes my plan to submit to a million competitions. I’d like to get my work out there on as many different platforms or places as possible. Living, breathing human beings would just get in the way of that.


I’m a bad blogger. Yes, I’m resolving to visit more blogs and read more posts. No, I probably won’t. Publishing often isn’t a big problem, since I’m basically married to my own blog.


I dance like nobody is watching because nobody ever is. My back flexibility is a joke. As is my core strength…well, lack thereof.


I’m willing to pay someone to drive me everywhere if it means I don’t have to. I am the slowest driver on the road right now. Maybe come December I’ll be a little bit faster. No promises.


I don’t think I could handle the mere thought of someone reading my journal. If and when I die, please bury my notebooks with me. I need to take all my secrets to the grave.


Every semester, I think I’ll be a better student than I have been. I always forget how quickly my motivation goes out the window. I’m the worst. One time, I should reverse my way of thinking to mess with the universe. I’m going to be an awful student who never studies but always parties.

How much do you want to bet I’ll fail one of my goals this year?

*Cough* driving test *cough*

9 thoughts on “My Personal And Professional Goals For 2018

  1. You gotta watch out about those living breathing human beings….They’ll do you in every time! And if you meet your Studying goal, more power to you! (That would be the goal to be a better student, not an awful partying student.) Happy New Year again! 🙂


  2. You, My Dear, are too hard on yourself! I’d like to see a post featuring your strengths, things you have done well, and your accomplishments. Little accomplishments are fine, you’re not expected to accomplish the big things (like repair the world my generation left you to “fix”) just yet. I have confidence your generation will eventually do just that, and accomplishments like having the self-discipline to blog daily or complete yet another semester of university are the things that will aid in making this a better world to live in.


    1. Ah, I’m trying not to be. That’s one of my resolutions for this year. Good idea. I think I’d benefit from writing a post about my strengths and accomplishments. Aha. I love your confidence. Mmm true. Small things make a big difference. Thanks for this.

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