Game’s End – Natasha Deen | A Book Review

Game's End - Natasha Deen

Title: Game’s End

Author: Natasha Deen

Genre: YA Paranormal

About the book: The third novel in a trilogy. I received a copy through the Goodreads giveaway program.

First impressions: It took me time to get into the story’s world. I haven’t read the first two books, so I didn’t know what happened previously. But once I got caught up and had a better sense of the world, I enjoyed the plot more.

Summary: Maggie Jackson has a lot on her plate. She’s a guardian helping people transition from one plane of existence to another. But when more people start dying, Magge finds herself at the center of it all.

Characters: I like the cast of characters because they’re different and flawed in their own way. They also develop over the course of the novel. Maggie is the female protagonist. Like the author, she’s a person of colour. I liked the banter between the group of friends: Maggie, Nell, Craig, and Serge. The varying relationship dynamics work well together.


“Sometimes trying to avoid your destiny brings you to it.”

Conflict: In hindsight, I probably should’ve read the first two books before this one. I still understood the plot about soul-eaters, but having more backstory might have helped me better appreciate the book as a whole.

Writing: The language is simple and straightforward. Deen does a good job on the dialogue. I wouldn’t have minded more description or worldbuilding. Even though I spotted a couple of formatting errors and missing punctuation marks, there aren’t any major errors.

Final thoughts: The ending answers some questions, yet poses new ones. If you’re looking for a quick read with supernatural elements, give Game’s End a try.

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