You Know You Are A Writer When

You don’t have days off. Thanksgiving? You’re thanking your fictional characters for following the outline. Christmas? You’re opening a word processor to work on a novel. New Year? You’re counting down the days until your book gets published.

You eavesdrop on every conversation. You listen to your mom gossiping with her friends. You listen to a man on a bus talking to his wife over the phone. You’ll lower the volume of your music or remove your earphones completely to overhear what others are saying.

You rather stay at home and write than go out and socialize. You’re tempted to decline every invitation ever.

You bring a notebook and pen with you everywhere you go. Like on the odd occasion your friends manage to drag you outside. At the very least, you have the notes app on your phone ready to record any idea that strikes.

You write New Year’s resolutions about writing. Write more. Write every day. Write the next bestseller.

You have a list of chores or tasks in your head for when you should be writing but don’t feel like it. So you tackle every item on that list from doing laundry to meal planning. You decide to run errands you’ve been avoiding because you’re a master procrastinator.

You’re either too busy writing or too bored not writing. There’s no in between. Those are the two modes you operate in.

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