A Q&A About Books, Goodreads, And Reviews

Why do you read?

I need to escape from reality or else I’d lose the little sanity I have left.

Why did you make a Goodreads account?

I didn’t want to rely on my memory to track the books I’ve read. Especially since I’m not getting any younger.

What do you look for in a book?

A good story. Great writing doesn’t hurt either. I like characters I can relate to, resonate with. Give me character development or give me fictional death.

What made you start writing reviews?

It wasn’t enough to read books. So I decided to review them too.

What are your reading goals for 2018?

They’re similar to the resolutions I made in 2017. I want to read every day. I’d also like to expand my bookshelf a bit. I tend to read more fiction than nonfiction, so I want to dip my mind further in the latter.

What are your reviewing goals in 2018?

I’m a bit behind on getting my reviews up, so if I can catch up that’ll be ideal.

Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “A Q&A About Books, Goodreads, And Reviews

  1. I’m old fashioned (Ya’ think?) and keep a a paper log of what I’ve read in a series of stenographer’s notebooks. When I have reviewed the book (I only review ones I like) I put a check next to the title. I started this around 2013 and have filled five notebooks. Sometimes I just like to flip through and remember “my books.” LOL


    1. I love that. I also try to write down the title, author, when I started the book, and when I finished in a small notebook. It’d be fun to flip through in a few months or years. A trip down memory lane.


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