Those Girls – Lauren Saft | A Book Review

Those Girls - Lauren Saft

Title: Those Girls

Author: Lauren Saft

Genre: Young Adult

About the book: It’s a standalone debut novel.

First impressions: The premise of three girls making their way through high school seemed promising. It had potential to explore both platonic and romantic relationships. I think I went in expecting more depth, but even the beginning left me a bit disappointed. Then again, I didn’t expect the novel to cover such mature themes.

Characters: Alex, Mollie, and Veronica are so flawed I didn’t care much for them. Of the three, I liked Alex the most. The characters seem to be extreme, exaggerated versions of people in real life, and their actions felt too unrealistic. The girls are toxic and terrible to each other. I’m not sure how they’re even friends. For me, the book lacked character development.


“You don’t do this for them; you do it for you.”

Writing: There’s a lot of eye-rolling from various characters. Some of the lines made me want to roll my eyes. The writing could’ve been better. Also, these girls swear a lot. I feel the author could’ve scaled back on the swearing, and it wouldn’t have affected the story.

Final thoughts: For better or worse, I found the novel nothing like my own high school experience. It might have been better off spending more time on real friendships rather than romantic relationships.

These Girls is a short read, but it’s not for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Those Girls – Lauren Saft | A Book Review

  1. It sounds like a typical “high school drama” with extreme unrealistic high school scenarios. Kind of like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much as you hoped.


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