Iron Gold – Pierce Brown | A Book Review

Iron Gold - Pierce Brown

Title: Iron Gold

Author: Pierce Brown

Genre: Science Fiction

About the book: The fourth novel in the Red Rising series set ten years later.

First impressions: I’ve been eagerly awaiting this novel so much that I preordered it. Took me a while to get into the world again. To be honest, I forget a lot, so I had to jog my memory. At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about having multiple viewpoints. But I came to love the different narratives.

Characters: Brown tells this story through the perspective of four characters: Darrow, Lysander, Ephraim, and Lyria. They’re great in their own ways, but I especially enjoyed Lysander’s point of view.

Because of the various narrations, there’s still development but not as in-depth as in Red Rising, when the author told everything from Darrow’s eyes.

The narratives mesh together even though they’re all are so different from one another.


“The key to learning, to power, to having the final say in everything, is observation.”

Writing: I like Brown as a storyteller. He builds upon the world with each book. At times, I felt a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information presented. Kudos to him for doing his research though. There’s a ton of everything. Action, dialogue, description. The plot is complex but advances at a nice pace.

Final thoughts: Iron Gold seems to set up the next novel and possibly the whole series in general. Still, I’d recommend reading the first three books before this one. The novel felt strange yet familiar at the same time.

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