Where I Am On My Writing Journey

When it comes to writing, I feel like I hold myself back. At least I’m not letting others hold me back too much.

I think my problem isn’t so much that I’m terrified of trying. But rather I try and give up. I’ll attempt to write a story only to abandon it halfway through.

I know I don’t have to stress about my writing career so soon. After all, I’m still in school, and I will be until 2019. But thinking about graduation freaks me out. What am I going to do after university? Where will I work?

I’m borderline unemployable, so I hope writing works out. Ultimately, I want to write full-time, all the time.

Imagine eighty year old me sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace and squinting at a screen. I kid you not, I already have the eyes of a sixty-year-old. That happens when you don’t win the genetic lottery.

Because I’m lazy, I haven’t done a ton of research up until this point. I’m still trying to improve my writing. First, I need to finish my novels. Once I do then I’ll figure out my next move.

I’ve always dreamed of being traditionally published. I’m kind of on the fence right now in terms of which route to take. I’m not sure what to pursue anymore.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind self publishing. I won’t shy away from the work. I’d welcome the challenge with open arms.

There’s a part of me that wants to try the traditional path though. If I fail, I can self publish. And if I fail to publish anything, please shout at me. Talk some sense into my thick head.

There’s so much to think about and work through. Like I’m so fond of saying, I’ll take life word by word, day by day. Maybe down the road, I can look back and laugh at my past self.

10 thoughts on “Where I Am On My Writing Journey

  1. It amazes me how much you and I are alike. I could talk all day about this and how many branches there are in the writing world and which one to choose, etc. Like you, I was dreaming of being traditionally published and have sent out my fair share of queries to both publishers and agents alike. I’ve officially decided to self-publish though. Not because I’m giving up on the traditional publishing, but times have changed and I do so much on my own now (and I like being in control) that I feel like self-publishing would be the better option for me. It’s a lot to think about though. You still have time to figure it out and just take each day one at a time.


    1. Same here. I’m so glad we met. Right? There’s a lot more to the writing industry than I once thought. Mmm, I want to start submitting manuscripts once I graduate. Then I wish you the best of luck. I’ll support your work however I can. Yeah, it’s nice having control. Very true. I’m sure things will work out for the both of us.


      1. It’s confusing and we probably won’t know for sure until we’re actually doing something we’re meant to do and just don’t realize it yet.


  2. You BOTH are two generations younger than me, and I just want to assure you that I know you have your heads screwed on straight and I admire the goals you both set for yourselves.


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