Why I Hate Outlining

Outlining isn’t writing. I’m a writer, not an outliner. Besides, I love writing, not outlining.

It drives me insane. Outlining might as well be the bane of my existence.

Outlining takes time. I could spend those hours writing instead. Besides, we only have 24 hours every day. I can’t afford to spend half of it on an outline.

An outline doesn’t guarantee anything. When my plans fall through, I’m back at square one.

My characters take one look at my outline and proceed to do the exact opposite. I bet they laugh at me behind my back too.

It requires a certain mood. I almost never want to outline.

Outlining isn’t fun. At least writing is some of the time.

I don’t follow my outlines. The one time I did, I didn’t finish my novel. That manuscript has been rotting away for years now.

It can lead you down rabbit holes. You might not recognize you need to be saved until it’s too late.

Outlining doesn’t work for everybody. Exhibit A: me.

Some teachers want you to hand in outlines. I wrote my essay first and then created an outline later. Because I’m a rebel.

I dread the thought of outlining almost as much as I do driving. You just never know what might happen.

Outlining puts off writing. We all know writers are masters at procrastinating.

Outline for too long and you have one day to write and edit your final essay. Good luck.

It can be inefficient. Which is unproductive. As a student writer, I need all the productivity I can get.

Outlining will never compare to writing. I’d rather edit than outline. What has the world come to? I’ll pick the lesser of two evils, thank you very much.

I’m sort of, kind of joking. Seriously, I don’t hate outlining that much.

8 thoughts on “Why I Hate Outlining

  1. This is the one thing you and I differ in, lol. I don’t outline all the time, in fact, I’ve actually been kind of doing it less. I’ve been writing basic outlines as I edit, which has actually been working really well.

    I like to see where the story could go. I never follow my outlines to a T, but I get to know a little bit about the characters along the way. Yes, they change, but I feel like they’re growing from my outline which makes me excited. I also like seeing how different the outline can be compared to the story because, in a way, it’s almost like my own writing and my own ideas grew as well.


    1. Haha. Sometimes I wish outlining worked well for me. Oh, do you reverse outline? Sometimes I do that for my essays.

      That makes sense. I think the characters should change and grow. Ah, I might have try to make outlines for future stories then.


      1. Yeah, I guess I do reverse outline. I didn’t think about that until you mentioned it. I do that and sometimes I outline beforehand if I have enough ideas and don’t want to lose them. Especially during NaNo, lol.


  2. I am with you on this. Outlining is the bane of my existence. While I have a non-fiction book I would love to write, the outline would suck my soul dry and it would never get finished.


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