Why Writers Make Great Partners

Writers make you sound smart. Besides, there’s no better way to expand your vocabulary than being in the company of a wizard.

They could be stand-up comedians. Ready to laugh until you have a six-pack?

Writers love to listen. Better yet, they won’t interrupt you. They’re way too busy thinking about a plot hole to cut you off.

They can hold a conversation. In fact, writers enjoy asking questions, so be ready to answer. What’s your biggest secret? What’s your biggest fear? What’s your biggest dream?

Writers are walking dictionaries. And thesauruses. They can tell you the definition of a word faster than you can look it up on your phone.

They’ll spew random facts when you least expect it. Every day is like Christmas then.

Writers aren’t that hard to please. Leave them alone while they’re writing and you’re already in their good books. Throw in some food, and they’ll love you forever.

They remember everything. Mainly because they tend to write stuff down. You won’t forget your aunt’s birthday ever again.

Writers write about you. They might acknowledge your awesomeness. They may even dedicate their next book to you.

They notice everything. Whether or not they let on is a different story.

7 thoughts on “Why Writers Make Great Partners

  1. What a great list! Who wouldn’t want to be a writer? I can’t think of much in life that’s more interesting and challenging than being a writer.


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