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Celebrate The Small Things In Life

It’s important to celebrate the small things in life, especially on hard days.

I have a few daily goals: reading, writing, blogging, dancing, and journaling. They’re small acts that make a big difference.

Obviously, doing something every day isn’t easy. Even more so when those things aren’t mandatory.

But I want to create. I need creative outlets, so I can express myself. Or else I’d lose my mind.

At this point, I feel odd not sticking with my habits every day. Because I’m so used to my routines, I don’t always realize how much progress I’ve made.

Sometimes I forget to celebrate small wins. But they often lead to bigger and better victories.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate The Small Things In Life

  1. Interesting! You remind me that at my age every day is a celebration–that you were able to get out of bed and have that first lovely cup of coffee; that you were able to cook breakfast and maybe put on the slow cooker for lunch at the same time; that you have another day to look forward to “getting through.” Then you celebrate at night that you got a large amount done, were productive, met a new person, and maybe made a new friend, and you fall asleep, celebrating gratefully.


    1. That’s amazing. I feel like people take the little things for granted sometimes. Well said. We don’t always realize how good we have it. Here’s to many more happy and productive days. Thanks for reminding me about gratefulness as well. There’s a lot to be thankful for. All the best!

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