Underrated Talents Writer Possess

  • Silently correcting your grammar.
  • Procrastinating up until the deadline.
  • Abandoning people and stories equally.
  • Thinking about writing.
  • Creating plot holes and solving them.
  • Having a lot of shiny new ideas.
  • Listening to all kinds of music.
  • Recommending the best books.
  • Noticing everything.
  • Remembering more than most.
  • Listening to people when they speak.
  • Empathizing with everyone.
  • Making time for writing.

8 thoughts on “Underrated Talents Writer Possess

  1. Now I’m laughing! I can’t relate to every point, but no one would deny that I notice everything, and remember more than most people forget! On the whole, this list makes me feel very good about myself–sort of…. 🙂


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