Personal Reflection

I Need To Live A Little More

Or a lot more. Sometimes I get so caught up with doing things I think I should do that I don’t always do what I want.

I worry about everything. Moving forward, I will try to enjoy life more.

I make small problems a big deal all the time. I create problems when there aren’t any.

I wish I could loosen up. I wish small stuff didn’t bother me.

Somehow though life works out. As much as I enjoy writing and blogging, I hope to explore other interests as well.

To be honest, I should get out more too. It’s easy to stay at home all the time and get lost in fictional worlds. I kind of neglect the real one at times.

Nevertheless, lived experiences shape stories. So I ought to experience as much as I can. I’d like to say yes more often.

I’ve also come to realize when I fall for something or someone, I fall hard. I go full steam ahead. I give it 100 percent. But I risk burning myself out. I try to do too much, too fast.

I want to do a lot, but I’m human. I have limits.

Everything in moderation, right? I need to find a balance.

I hate wasting anything, especially time. It’s not something I can get back or make more of. I only have so many days.

In a way, I want to live like every day might be my last. I don’t want to take anything for granted. Then again, I also want to live like I have many days ahead of me. If only because I like to believe I’ll continue to grow and get better.

10 thoughts on “I Need To Live A Little More

  1. Good blog post Herminia. I think we can all take something from this – I certainly can. By the way don’t ever loose that, it’s a lovely thing to have you know, passion, passion to give 100%. Especially in love. But I understand that you worry about burning out… that can be a real issue. But I don’t think you’ll find that that will be the case, I know it’s not with me. I give all my lovings and like you I fall hard – but when that is your personality the rewards will be massive, trust me. I’ve been with my fella for nearly 3 years now and it’s going amazing! Everyone kept telling us it’s a honeymoon period and in a few months we’ll hate each other – then we keep proving them wrong haha! We’ve just been on our first abroad holiday together and it was lush, we went to Crete, beautiful place, I’d recommend it xx


    1. Aw. That’s true. I often tell myself I’d rather care too much than too little. Passion is great. I love passionate people. Mhm agreed. I’m happy to hear that. Wishing you two all the best. Keep proving everyone wrong. Haha. Here’s to many more holidays abroad.


  2. I know what you mean. I personally get so caught up in my work that I forget to “live” with everything else around me. It’s harder than it seems, which is weird. But, if you really want to live more, you’ll find a way to do so.


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