Personal Reflection

On Gaining And Losing Trust

I have trust issues.

If a person can’t keep their word, I find it hard to put my faith in them. So it’s hard for people to gain my trust but easy to lose it.

I get it. People make mistakes. We’re human after all. But I’m awful at forgiving others. For my own sake, I should.

I hate when people lie to my face or make a promise and break it. Then again, I’m a hypocrite. I wouldn’t want anyone to betray or backstab me, especially someone I trust.

As I get older, the circle of individuals I trust gets smaller and smaller. Which is fine with me honestly. It saves a lot of time.

I’m not an easy person to impress. I can’t even impress myself. It’s a blessing and a curse, let me tell you. I also get disappointed easily because I hold high expectations. Some days, I hold myself to a standard that drives me insane.

We can’t pick family, but at least we can pick friends.

I love fictional characters because they’ll never not be there for you. Maybe one day I’ll find a real human being I trust completely.

In short, I trust like two people.

7 thoughts on “On Gaining And Losing Trust

  1. Agreed. I don’t really trust anyone either. I’ve had trust broken so many times. At this point I barely give people the benefit of the doubt… which isn’t really the way to go.


  2. I trust everyone. Unconditionally. Straight away – that can cause serious problems too girls, honestly!
    I trust people until they prove me otherwise by breaking it – and even then I’ll try to excuse them from that behaviour by thinking of reasons why they might have acted unfairly/harshly/rudely etc…

    I would like to have more judgement when it comes to others. At the moment my level of trust is high for everyone, like a child. My boyfriend is always telling me I trust way to easily. But then I think he rarely trusts anyone and that’s not a good way to be either.

    I guess I just try to see the good in people. Always. And that’s nice but it does really hurt me when with some people I realise there just isn’t any good in them at all – they are oput and out horrible. That upsets me a lot.


    1. Yeah I can see how both extremes are less than ideal.
      Mmm I used to be more like that. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Think maybe they had a bad day.

      Ah, I grew up to be a very cynical adult. Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again. True, trust is tough. We need to find a middle ground.

      That’s good in a way. I think assuming the worst isn’t the way to go.


  3. Yeah. I think we should all try to learn to be a bit more middle ground. I do try. But naturally I think the best of people and so excuse them more readily than others would. Trust – it’s a funny thing…


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