Personal Reflection

Choosing The Right Career Path For Me

I don’t know what I’m doing. Then again, who does?

Somehow I graduate next year. I don’t feel ready, but at the same time, I can’t wait to get out of university and into the real world.

I’ve had four years to find myself. I still need more time to figure out who I am.

Obviously, I want to have an open mind. But I’d love to be able to work with words. After all, I enjoy reading, writing, blogging.

I tell myself if I want to stand a chance at any career, I have to be my best self. I also feel like I’ll have to work harder than most to get my foot in the door. Regardless, I will choose and pursue the right career path for myself, not anyone else.

In my opinion, what’s on your mind all the time says a lot about who you are, what you want.

I’m a writer. I want to write.

13 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Career Path For Me

  1. Good luck in your future career. But don’t worry if you can’t write full time – I know it’s the dream and I know every time I post or comment I advocate the fact that if you can dream it you can realise it… But. Let’s just put an injection of reality into this for a second shall we. So I love writing but I also have to pay the bills. So I work as a carer (I job which I also have grown to love). I work as a carer for my day job, but any spare time I have I am reading and writing… Sometimes this is the only way to do it because, unfortunately, it doesn’t often pay well to just focus on your writing… Please think carefully about whar you need and try not to be broke whilst you wait for your big break! Good luck 🙂


    1. Thank you. I agree. It’s important to have dreams and go after them. But it’s also important to make enough money and pay bills. That’s great. I’m glad you love your day job while also finding time for the things you love. At the very least, I hope to do the same. Work during the day and write during the night. I’ve done so in high school as well as university. Thanks. I will. Wishing you well!


      1. Glad you agree with me. Too many very talented writers drive themselves into poverty because they don’t think about number 1 (themselves) at all! It is sad to hear of. Be smart. Have the dream by all means and keep working towards it, but at the same time make sure you can pay the bills because a dream is not a good life choice… paying bills and dreaming is a great life choice 😀
        Thanks, I’ll let you know how my future pans out xx


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