Creative Writing

Mirages | A Poem

Why is it so hard to change what I hate?

To become someone different but still okay.

Why do I always blame myself?

Never point the finger at anyone else.

How do I go on every day?

Without giving up, losing faith.

Is there a secret I don’t know?

Some sort of shortcut to take.

Have I ever seen a miracle?

I memorized these mirages though.

6 thoughts on “Mirages | A Poem

      1. You’re welcome.

        Herminia, I’ve posted a blog post earlier this month and I was wondering what you thought of it, I really enjoyed writing this one – it is sad but hopefully portrayed sensitively… please could you do me a favour and check it out, then let me know your thoughts? – it is called ‘The Empty Pushchair’. Thanks in advance x


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