My Reading And Reviewing Journey In 2018

In 2018, I wanted to branch out and broaden my reading horizons. I also wanted to publish more book reviews on this blog.

As of now, I’ve read 42 books. I somehow managed to review most of them as well.

I read and review because I love stories. If I care about the characters, then I probably care about the story as well.

I’m excited. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me. I already have several books shouting at me on my bookshelf.

I’m so beyond grateful. I can’t thank you all enough for reading this blog, especially my book reviews.

In 2019, I hope to read even more and broaden my horizons further. I’ll continue to write reviews and blog about books.

34 thoughts on “My Reading And Reviewing Journey In 2018

      1. That’s a theory. But I don’t edit and cut outside of work much, slows down book release, and I think it’s just a bad practice to cut your book apart rather than write it how it’s meant or planned to be. Do you edit a lot? If so, why?


      2. Oh, I see what you mean. That makes sense. I feel like I edit and cut a lot. Even with my blog posts, I delete about half of the first draft before publishing it. I let myself get all my thoughts down on paper first. But I try to be concise and clear afterwards, so I remove what isn’t necessary.

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      3. Maybe I’m doing something like that now? I think I released 7 free novels before I wrote the three that are published rn? So I *for sure* had my time at that! I used to be a big believer in ‘Edit The Book. Edit Again. Edit Some More.’ But I found that really amounted to my taking forever to write things / never publishing! :*( So I changed gears. I generally only write toward an end goal, but this book is large now, more than 12 Chs — the length of the last few. So it’s enough to make me anxious. I wonder if I’ll need to cut… or maybe I should relax and let it hit 16 Chs? See what I have? Hard to say! :p Glah.


      4. Oh. I see. You live and you learn. I agree. Editing can take a long time. Some days, I feel like I only write and edit but never publish. Hmm maybe keep writing until you have nothing left to say? And then if you want to make cuts later on, you can? Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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      5. I at 74,346 words. Sure! Happy to keep you posted! Thank you! And don’t get caught in the trap of editing, but never publishing, for sure. Can I ask, are you looking for a publisher, or will you be self-publishing? (And good luck either way!)


      6. Oh, it’d be nice, if I were finished at ~74k, but I’m not! Lol! Herminia, watch out if you do get a publisher, okay? Agents and publishing houses can be predatory re. your Intellectual Property, so that you lose almost all your rights to your own characters and stories. If you do self-pub, I have some tips. Here’s hoping you publish soon! XD (It’s a great feeling!)


      7. Haha. Are you almost done? Thanks for the heads up. Aha, I’ll be sure to ask you for advice then. Once I graduate university, I hope to pursue publishing more seriously.

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      8. Well! I am done, and it’s now published, though I’m waiting for the paperback to emerge from the… shadowy corners where octavos are folded and — I dunno — paperbacks come from! I can, for sure, recommend a patreon to follow if you’re serious about the publishing world (you’ll have to pay for entry to this one,, but it’s worth it). I use patreon as a website, and just for posting at vale_and_sea, right now. So all my posts are public. Not necessary for you though. You have enough to do with 42 books, I suspect!


      9. Ah, congratulations! That’s so exciting. Haha. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to find you on Patreon and check out your stuff as well. I’m halfway there. 21 books down, 21 more to go.

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      10. How can you read so much, can I ask? My sister is like this. 31 books in a week once. She trained to speed read, but that’s got to be rare, right? I have no idea how people do this.


      11. Your best is pretty impressive! Lol! I’m also very much NOT a speed reader. Tell you what though, if you ever get through your tower of books, I’m happy to hand over a PDF of Cardinal Machines if you’d like to read it. I wrote it in 2.5 weeks. It’s one of the works in my writing circle. Let me know if you’d like one. The offer still stands. And I’m wishing you good luck too.


      12. Aw. How kind of you. I have a ton of books on my TBR right now. Hopefully, I can get through them all at some point. Thank you for the offer!


  1. This year I joined a book club at my local library and I love it. We choose 1 book every month to read then we meet every third Tuesday and discuss the book we’ve read. I’m so happy I’ve joined as I love the community feel to it and how others respect your opinion which is not always something you find in real life 🙂

    Merry Christmas and good luck for 2019 Herminia. I look forward to continuing to read your blog

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