Dawn Among The Stars Free Ebook on Kindle

Dawn Among The Stars Free Ebook on Kindle
Dawn Among the Stars by Samantha Heuwagen is free on Kindle from January 24th to 28th.

Last year, I posted a book review of the novel on this blog. Here were my thoughts.

About the book: It’s the first in a series, following the perspective of three characters: Kayin, Henry, and Melissa in that respective order.

First impressions: I like the premise of the novel with other beings arriving on earth. I also love the title, and the cover page reflects what the story is about.

Characters: The three characters are different with each having their own goals. What’s more, the secondary characters are likeable.


“Sometimes it is better to be disappointed than to never know at all.”

Writing: There’s a mix of description and dialogue. The world building is done well because the author doesn’t bombard readers with too much information all at once.

Check out the full review here.

The next novel, Fading Starlight, will be released in June 2019. The author will send you the first chapter from it if you tag her or share Dawn Among the Stars on social media. You’ll just need to give her your email address.

The book is only free from now until January 28. So get it soon!

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