Nil Unlocked – Lynne Matson | A Book Review

Nil Unlocked - Lynne Matson

Title: Nil Unlocked

Author: Lynne Matson

Genre: Dystopia

About the book: It’s the second novel in a series about a group of teenagers stuck on an island called Nil, and they can only escape using gates.

First impressions: The premise interested me. I didn’t realize it was part of a series. I thought the novel was a standalone, so I went in having no idea what already happened. That’s one of the reasons why I had a hard time getting into the story.

Characters: There were a lot of people to remember. I’d recommend reading the first book beforehand. That said, I appreciate the racial diversity and the different personalities. The main protagonists, Skye and Rives, grew on me. I would’ve liked to learn more about the secondary characters.


“Notice what others ignore.”

Writing: The chapters are longer at the beginning but get shorter near the end. It alternates between Skye’s and Rives’s perspectives in the first person. The romance also builds as the plot unfolds.

Final thoughts: The ending is my favourite part. It ties up many loose ends.

I probably would’ve enjoyed the novel more if I read the first book. The novel is weird in a good way.

If you’re interested in fantastical island survival stories, you may enjoy Nil Unlocked.

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4 thoughts on “Nil Unlocked – Lynne Matson | A Book Review

  1. It’s never a good feeling when you read a book and realize it’s not the first one. Been there, done that too many times. But I’m glad you enjoyed it nonetheless.


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