The Debt Free Graduate – Murray Baker | A Book Review

The Debt Free Graduate - Murray Baker

Title: The Debt Free Graduate: How To Survive College Or University Without Going Broke

Author: Murray Baker

Genre: Personal Finance

About the book: It’s a guide on saving money for students pursuing higher education.

First impressions: I’ve had this book for so long, but I never got around to reading it until now. I figured I would before I graduate from university in June.

Content: The book is divided into several chapters focusing on different aspects of life from eating to traveling and everything in between. It was published over a decade ago, so some of the information isn’t as up to date anymore. That said, I found it fascinating to see how much the world has changed, especially in regards to technology. Baker offers some good tips on how to save money nonetheless.


“The good news is that you can still spend wisely, and save, without giving up your pleasures and passions.”

Writing: The author adds humour and funny anecdotes to make the read more interesting. He makes topics like taxes and investments accessible, even easy to understand for the average reader. The book is a little over 300 pages. The chapters aren’t too long, and sometimes Baker gives a brief summary at the end of them. He isn’t too general or specific either.

Final thoughts: Nowadays you could probably find a lot of tips about money online, but The Debt Free Graduate is still a solid resource for those in school. I recommend the book to high school, college, university students and even parents with kids in academia.

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2 thoughts on “The Debt Free Graduate – Murray Baker | A Book Review

  1. This would have been something good for me to read back in the day. I’ve always been good with my money (I’m actually one of the cheapest people I know, lol). I paid for school completed out of pocket never taking out any loans, thus never having any student debt. Of course, spending that kind of money all at once, made me have to re-build my bank accounts from scratch pretty much. It’s partly why I never went back to get my Master’s. The book sounds good and I’m glad it seemed to be a good resource!


    1. Yeah, I think students who were in school around the time the book was written would’ve benefited the most. Aha, I’m cheap too. Good for you! Mhm getting a Master’s isn’t cheap either. Indeed. Glad to know you graduated debt free. 🙂

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