We Hope For Better Things – Erin Bartels | A Book Review

We Hope For Better Things - Erin Bartels

Title: We Hope For Better Things

Author: Erin Bartels

Genre: Historical Fiction

About the book: Elizabeth Balsam is a journalist who loses her job. A man named James Rich asks her to deliver a camera and some photos to a relative of hers named Nora who’s living in an isolated farmhouse.

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First impressions: I was interested in the plot, specifically about Detroit and the Underground Railway. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story.

Characters: There were a lot of characters, so I had a little trouble keeping track of everyone at first. That being said, the author did a good job fleshing out the main protagonists: Mary, Nora, and Elizabeth.


“Change happens when the cost of keeping things the way they are is too high.”

Writing: It’s well-written with some romance. Some of the issues and scenes depicted are more mature in nature.

Final thoughts: By the end, I had a greater appreciation for the title of the novel. The ending answers a lot of lingering questions but also leaves some open-ended. While the subject matter might not make for the easiest read, I think books like these are necessary, especially in this day and age.

If you like historical fiction that addresses racism in America, I would recommend checking out We Hope For Better Things.

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