Screen Queens – Lori Goldstein | A Book Review

Screen Queens - Lori Goldstein

Title: Screen Queens

Author: Lori Goldstein

Genre: Contemporary (Young Adult)

About the book: Lucy, Maddie, and Delia find themselves on the same team for an incubator competition where they have to build an app.

I received an advanced review copy from Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: The cover is beautiful, and I like the title. I was intrigued by the premise.

Characters: The three protagonists are great, and all of them grew on me. Lucy is a leader who believes in working and playing hard. Maddie’s a designer who didn’t expect to make friends. Delia taught herself how to code but isn’t very confident. I could see parts of myself in the girls.

Lucy, Maddie, and Delia are different yet well developed. I enjoyed seeing them put aside their differences in order to work together. The dynamic in the group felt realistic. I also appreciate the diversity with Maddie being Chinese and Irish.


“I want to be known for what I do, not for what someone does to me.”

Writing: The book is written in the third person and alternates between three points of view. Goldstein does a good job balancing description with dialogue. I didn’t expect to feel as many emotions as I did while reading this novel. It was an emotional rollercoaster for me in the best way possible. There’s a little bit of romance, but it doesn’t overtake the main storylines. The author addresses some of the issues women face in a male-dominated industry.

Final thoughts: I love the ending. It’s an inspiring, empowering read. I’ve never read anything quite like this novel before.

I highly recommend Screen Queens, especially if you’re a girl interested in technology.

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      2. I decided to take a step back from blogging this year. I had my graduation ceremony yesterday. I’m freelance writing. It’s been crazy and busy. Thank you for everything. I appreciate it.

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