The Last Straw – Ed Duncan | A Book Review

The Last Straw - Ed Duncan

Title: The Last Straw

Author: Ed Duncan

Genre: Mystery

About the book: A teenage girl witnesses a carjacking that goes wrong, and the driver ends up dead. Someone tries to murder the teen but kills her father by mistake instead. A lawyer, Paul Elliott, and an enforcer in Rico find themselves targeted by D’Angelo, a killer without a conscience.

I received a free copy of the novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I like the title, and I was curious to see how it would connect to the narrative. The book is shorter than I expected, but I do prefer fast, action-packed novels over long, drawn-out ones.

Characters: The characters are complex and have unique backstories. I found myself relating to them despite their flaws. One of the main characters, Rico, is described as a killer with a conscience. He’s not perfect, but he’s easier to root for than others. There’s also some diversity as the story explores the racial tension between white and black characters.


“I guess I closed my eyes to a lot of things I suspected deep down inside and just didn’t want to see.”

Writing: The chapters are short and suspenseful. It’s a more mature read with some romance and violence mixed in.

Final thoughts: The ending isn’t too unpredictable, but it ties up loose ends.

If you enjoy a quick yet thrilling mystery, check out The Last Straw.

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