A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook – Riche Billing | A Book Review

A Fantasy Writers' Handbook - Riche Billing

Title: A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

Author: Riche Billing

Genre: Nonfiction (Writing)

About the book: This is a guide on the writing and publishing process, specifically focusing on fantasy. It was independently publishing and came out earlier this year.

I received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I don’t write much fantasy, but I love reading about writing, so I was excited.

Content: There’s a little bit of everything from writing to editing to marketing. The author compiles some useful resources such as a list of publications that accept fantasy stories. Billing also quotes other authors and includes comments from readers. I found the sections on weapons and armour especially interesting.


“You have something to give to the world.”

Writing: The book isn’t super long at around 300 pages, broke up into chapters. They’re informative, giving a basic overview of topics like fighting and world-building.

Final thoughts: Overall, this is a helpful guide for writers. Even if you aren’t a fantasy author, a lot of the advice applies across all genres. If you’re looking for a useful book that covers different parts of the writing process, check out A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook.

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3 thoughts on “A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook – Riche Billing | A Book Review

  1. Like a friend who reads cookbooks (especially old ones or obscure ones) but never uses a single recipe, I read Writer’s Handbooks, but haven’t written anything for publication. LOL Right now, I am reading This Is Not a Writing Manual (pub. 2013) Subtitle Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World. Majors is the author, and it’s quite well done!


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