Zepharius: Volume 1 – Mel Synder | A Book Review

Zepharius - Volume 1 - Mel Synder

Title: Zepharius: Volume 1

Author: Mel Synder

Genre: Science Fiction

About the book: It’s the first in a series following Zepharius who realizes the world she lives in isn’t what it used to be.

I received a free copy of the novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I was intrigued by the premise because I thought it had potential to make for an interesting story. For the most part, the author builds the world in the beginning.

Characters: There aren’t too many characters to keep track of, as the narrative mainly revolves around Zepharius. She’s a likeable and relatable protagonist. The secondary characters are unique, juxtaposing each other well.


“I can only look forward to the next days of my expedition and hope for clarity to become my reward in the end.”

Writing: It is an independently published book with some spelling and grammar mistakes. The story’s told in first person from the protagonist’s perspective. The author spends time describing many aspects of the world.

There’s a map and a visual guide of weapons as well as other objects mentioned in the story. There’s also a much needed glossary with pronounications and translations. The novel isn’t too long or short at around 300 pages.

Final thoughts: The pacing picks up near the end, and it sets the stage for the next novel in the series.

If you like sci-fi about different worlds, you might enjoy Zepharius: Volume 1.

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